Make sharing documents easier with cloud collaboration

Looking to make your workforce more productive? Amaxra specializes in helping organizations enable better collaboration between employees as well as with outside parties. Let’s face it. Emailing documents back and forth is no long working. With the amount of collaboration needed these days you’re probably sending way too many documents over email each week to keep track of. Why not leverage the power of the internet to allow secured document sharing? With Microsoft SharePoint Amaxra can help you and your staff:

  • Create document-sharing portals with permission-based access
  • Work on documents simultaneously
  • Create project folders where tasks and deliverables can be tracked
  • Enable document editing from Macs, tables and phones

Make digging for files on your hard drive a thing of the past. With cloud collaboration you keep all your documents at your fingertips and ramp up collaboration across departments and project teams. You can also keep your most sensitive documents off individual users’ hard drives so access to them remains under your control. Start leveraging cloud-based portals now to enable faster, more secure, document sharing among employees.

Help mobile employees remain in play

Being on the road doesn’t have to mean you’re out of touch anymore. Thanks to SharePoint in Office 365 you and your staff can securely access all the documents they need to get the job done from anywhere. Employees working off-site as well as remote employees can still work side-by-side with co-workers and project teams as if they’re still in the office. Enabling cloud collaboration means you can:

  • Keep every user’s files and settings synced from any device
  • Avoid version-control problems when team members travel
  • Keep everyone on a project team on the same page
  • Enable traveling sales and consulting staff to share files with clients

Times have changed. A desk is a just a hunk of wood and metal. An office is anywhere your employee is working and connected. Allow your employees to be more reliable and effective so they can stay in the game and keep business moving forward. Now there’s no limit to what they can do.

Keep the conversation going with Yammer

Mobile and remote workers often work in locations where phone calls just aren’t practical. If they’re in an airport, restaurant, or lobby they still might need to communicate with co-workers and customers on urgent matters. Yammer is a user-friendly chat application that comes free with Office 365. It allows mobile employees to chat with co-workers any time, any place, on any computer or device. If there’s a hot issue that needs addressed everyone on the team workers can stay on top of it no matter where there are. Yammer allows you and your staff to:

  • Start and save conversations by topic
  • Review and give feedback on a shared document
  • Ask questions to a group
  • Have private 1-on-1 conversations

Unlike typical chat applications Yammer is secured with user authentication administered by your IT staff. Conversations on Yammer are as private as email conversations, yet easier to search through later. You get the best of a messaging and secure document sharing in one tool.

The pace of business is increasing all the time. To stay competitive you need your employees to stay connected with each other constantly so decisions can be make quickly and processes don’t stall. Email inboxes get full and voicemail messages get buried. Though the use of secured chat you can make sure the more important conversations that keep your business on track are happening in real time. It’s the next wave of communication innovation.

Better collaboration impacts your bottom line

How can Amaxra help you turn up the dial on your employee productivity? Contact us today for a free assessment. We’ll show you all the opportunities in your business for speeding up processes, enabling better collaboration and impacting your bottom line with cloud document sharing and collaboration tools.

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