Dynamics ATS

Dynamics ATS

Partner Spotlight on Dynamics ATS

Dynamics ATS is an HR recruitment and applicant tracking application powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Azure. This system helps you quickly locate talent, attract candidates, improve candidate experiences, and make better hiring decisions. With Dynamics ATS you can efficiently manage the entire talent acquisition process from start to finish. Collaboration tools allow you to synchronize activities with coworkers across the organization. Managers can generate insightful reports with minimal efforts. Because it’s tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can leverage all the advanced features of Dynamics 365 to create a rich, searchable database to track all your past and current prospects.

Key Features

Applicant Tracking

  • Track candidates
  • Build workflows
  • Integrate with LinkedIn
  • Generate reports

Resume Management

  • Quickly import resumes
  • Parse in data from social media
  • Search & sort resumes
  • Assign resumes to open jobs


  • Email directly from system
  • Create tasks & events
  • Share interview assessments
  • Customize user permissions

Job Management

  • Post jobs
  • Create custom applications
  • Create forms for your website
  • Track all open positions

Reduce the paperwork burden on your recruiters

Whether you are managing in-house recruiting efforts or have a staffing business, Dynamics ATS is a scalable solution that suites businesses of all sizes. Dynamics ATS manages all your resumes and important application information, regardless of the source or where you find your people. Easily track their careers, share their resumes and evaluations with colleagues and hiring managers. You can even create and record custom interview questions so that insight is preserved for future searches. Outlook integration gives you the ability to message candidates and schedule interviews without having to leave the system.

Make better staffing decisions

Employees are often the more expensive resource in a business. Don’t you want the most efficient system possible that will reduce hiring mistakes? Regardless of what your recruiting and hiring workflow is, you can customize Dynamics ATS to your company’s workflow. Make gains in efficiency and accuracy at every step of the recruiting process.

DynamicsATS Process

Want more information? Not only does Amaxra works with Dynamics ATS on client solutions regularly, we use it ourselves. Contact us today and let us know where you would like to make efficiency gains in your current recruiting process. We can design and set up a system that will allow you to get candidates through the recruiting process more swiftly than even before. Let’s talk.

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