Amaxra Advantage Package

Amaxra Advantage Package

Office 365 Benefits

Your Office 365 provides you with winning platform to manage work-flow, communications, internal project management, calendars, meetings and so much more. On your desktop or on any device that you choose. With the Amaxra Advantage Package Office, you score additional benefits to take your enterprise’s productivity and protection to the next level.

Customers Served

Amaxra has successfully deployed Office 365 to customers representing in a wide range of sectors: travel & leisure, accounting & finance, property management, healthcare, architecture, and other professional services locally in Washington as well as nationally.

Amaxra Benefits

License your Office 365 with Amaxra and score BIG! Outstanding customer service, increased productivity, enhanced protection and knowledgeable experts will serve your team to optimize the winning solutions that are right for your unique business.

Office Protect icon Online Protect Icon 

Office Protect: Don’t let your office become a target for hackers. Ransomware is an increasing issue for businesses. Our security solution provides you with proactive monitoring and protection for all your digital assets.

Cloud Backup icon Cloud Backup Icon 

Cloud Backup: Don’t risk losing invaluable data Our backup systems offers you the peace of mind that your data is safe and stored in the cloud.

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QuickHelp: Don’t let the productivity features in Office 365 go unused Our training platform offers you the insights into getting the most out of your tools and can help streamline your operations.


Based on the number of licenses, you can score more with one of our packages that are customized to the size and goals of your unique organization.

  • Office Protect is FREE for 30 days and then costs $1/user/month or less (depending on total licenses). 
  • Cloud Backup is FREE with 1GB of cloud backup/user/month. You can additional backup at a low cost of 15c/GB. 
  • QuickHelp is FREE for 45 days and then on average it costs $3/user/month*

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QuickHelp online education module does not need to be added to every seat in your enterprise.

Already have Office 365?

Currently licensed elsewhere or direct through Microsoft? No problem. Moving your licensing to Amaxra takes minutes and you will automatically get the above benefits.    

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